26 Reasons to See “The Illusion of Control”

There are many more reasons to see “The Illusion of Control”, but here are just 26:

  1. Irem does at least 50 pump turns (fouettes a la seconde).
  2. Nicole & Marla used to be gymnasts
  3. It’s a local, hand-crafted product
  4. While you were trick-or-treating, some dancers were in the studio learning choreography.
  5. Allegra says: The dancers will all be wonderful and the choreography, too.
  6. Irem says: You’ll see a dance that uses mind control (maybe 2)!
  7. You can buy tickets online & sign up for a reminder at http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/502663
  8. At just $12, tickets are an amazing deal for live dance.
  9. It’s like the contemporary dance you see on “So You Think You Can Dance”
  10. And some of it is nothing like “So You Think You Can Dance”.
  11. Real theater seats that have fluffy cushions that fold down and everything!
  12. Because you’ve seen a preview commercial, you know it’s going to be good!
  13. A dance about estate sales
  14. At opening night (Sunday), you’ll have to chance to write a one-word-review.
  15. Sarah says: You’ll be inspired!
  16. Nicole does back handsprings
  17. For you stats lovers: About half the company is over the age of 30. More than 1/3 of the company is over 40. 0.05% of the company is less than 8!
  18. Ece says: You are going to love the “Line Dance” (Editor’s note: that’s the working name for a particular piece of choreography and it is not a country-western dance)
  19. Mia says: There are several people new to the company and you should come support them in their first performance! (Editor’s note: Mia is one of our new people. You really should come see her dance!)
  20. Lindsay says: The company has people from a wide range of age groups!
  21. Alison says: There’s partnering – and you know how cool PTDT’s partnering is!
  22. Nicole says: Michele has an elegant solo!
  23. Ece says: If you see this show, you’ll understand why it’s good to dance.
  24. Evelia says: The show will remind you to think of the things that we ignore on a regular basis.
  25. Sharon says: There are so many emotions in this show. You’ll laugh, cry, think deep thoughts, and  be joyful.
  26. The music selection is crazy good: pop, dubstep, country, electronica, rock, alternative, folk AND music composed by local musician Hank Lawson at DZ Studio.

2 thoughts on “26 Reasons to See “The Illusion of Control”

    1. Thanks, Caitlin! We’re warming up to your mixed CD again at rehearsals and when Pam first brought it out she mentioned that it was yours and that we all miss you, too! 🙂

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