A Mission in 3 Parts


The Pamela Trokanski Dance Theatre’s achieves its mission “to continually redefine dance as an active art form and an integral part of the human experience, maintaining its relevance in contemporary culture” through three areas of focus: dance in concert, community outreach, and education.  Some of our initiatives fit nicely into one category, but others fit into two categories.  The above diagram illustrates where each of these programs falls in the three categories.

Each year, PTDT presents three major works in concert.  The fall and spring concerts are feature-length works of choreography exploring various aspects of our lives combining music and spoken text.  Davis Dance Project explains some aspect of dance, from athleticism to choreography, through a lecture and demonstration of concepts.

Along with Davis Dance Project, education initiatives include lecture/demonstrations performed at schools, summer dance intensives, and the KORE Program which uses dance to teach elementary school curriculum.  Blog articles and YouTube posts also fall within the education umbrella, but share elements of community outreach.

The community outreach portion of our mission includes free classes for people participating in Dance in Public Places, Dance for Parkinsons, and Second Wind Classes for senior citizens.  PTDT also dances at many community events and maintains active Facebook and Twitter feeds.  PTDT provides free tickets to under-served communities (an overlap with producing dance in concert).

Support PTDT’s mission by making a tax-deductible donation:

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