A How-To Guide: Support the Arts through Social Media

social media
Photo Credit: Sean MacEntee

There are many ways to support PTDT.  For example, you can make a monetary donation.  You can volunteer as an usher.  Or you can provide in-kind services like web design, refreshments at events, or photography.  But there’s one really simple way you can support your local artists with minimal time an effort: Social Media!  Social media is a fast way to spread the word about your favorite things, right?  And you’re already doing it, right?  So let’s apply it to PTDT.  Here are some ways you can help (in order of general effectiveness):


If you see a post you like on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or the blog, click “Like” or “Favorite” or the appropriate button to share your general positive feelings for that post.  Others will see your positive reinforcement if they end up on our page and that’s great!


Comment (or reply) on things you like.  Say something to get a conversation going.  “Cool!” is a nice thing to write and it makes us happy, but it doesn’t generally get other people writing.  Instead, it’s more helpful to write why you liked something and ask a follow-up question of other fans.  For example: “Wow!  I can see how strong the dancers in this photo are!  What do other people like about it?”  And if someone else poses a question, give them an answer.


Sharing (also known as re-tweeting) is good!  If you share a post, it will be broadcast to your friends in a little note on their summary page (wall, homepage, ticker, etc.) and even if they aren’t virtually linked to PTDT, they will see what’s got you so excited.

Mention & Tag:

Mention and tag PTDT in your posts using hashtags and tagging.  For example: “I’m so excited to see the all new @trokanski (for Twitter) / @Pamela Trokanski Dance Theatre’s (for Facebook)  Davis Dance Project 2014: Life and the Meaning of Dance #PTDT”  The personal connection you make to PTDT will help your friends connect too.

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