Audio Interview: Trokanski’s Teaching Philosophy

Trokanski's Philosophy: Everyone can dance.
Trokanski’s Philosophy: Everyone can dance.

Davis Senior High School journalism students Kacey Hsu and Zoe Vikstrom interviewed PTDT Director Pamela Trokanski for an assignment, producing an audio interview reminiscent of an NPR story. The assignment’s goal was to give the students practice editing media stories. Hsu and Vikstrom decided to interview Trokanski when a classmate suggested that she would be an interesting person to interview given her unique philosophy about dance.

The story also features interviews with Third Stage dancer Allegra Silberstein, and former Apprentice Company dancer Hannah Richter. Hsu has also danced in the Apprentice Company and PTDT.

The audio story was originally posted on Blue Devil Hub and used with permission.

If you would like to help support the free programs for senior citizens and people with Parkinson’s, please make a tax-deductible donation.

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