Breaking News: Donation Match


Your donation can make a big impact this giving season thanks to donation matching!  An anonymous donor has recently approached the PTDT Board of Directors with a generous donation match offer.  The match is for new gifts of $30 or more (from new donors) made during the current performance season (i.e. the current fiscal year) which ends Aug. 31.  The donor will match up to a total of $1000.

What does that mean?  If you haven’t donated to PTDT yet this year (since Sept. 1) and you donate $30, the gift will be matched by the same amount by our matching donor so the total gift given will be $60; $30 from you and $30 from the matching donor.  Now what if you gave $100?  Our matching donor will give $100 as well!  We think you get the idea.

How do you make a donation?  We accept donations by check at the Pamela Trokanski Dance Workshop (2720 Del Rio Place in Davis, CA 95618) or by credit and debit card online through PayPal.

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