Auditions 2015 – More Details


The Pamela Trokanski Dance Theatre, the PTDT Apprentice Company, and The Third Stage
are holding company auditions on Saturday, August 29th, from 1:30 – 4:30pm, at the Dance Workshop located at 2720 Del Rio Place, in Davis. Interested dancers / movers should register, in advance, at the Dance Workshop. The audition is free of charge and participants should come prepared to dance in bare feet, but may bring dance footwear / knee pads as needed. For more specific questions, please contact Pamela Trokanski at 530-756-3949 or e-mail her at

Do you know someone who might be a good fit for one of the companies? Send them this link!

What kind of a commitment is necessary? Dancers commit to the season which runs from September 2015 – May 31st, 2016, and includes four major performances during the year. In addition, the companies often participate in dance-flashes, which are dance in public places. Each of the companies have different training and rehearsal requirements, based on the amount of choreography they perform.

For more information on the companies, including the dates of the upcoming performance season, please visit our Season Page.

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