Dance for Parkinson’s: The Bourree Project

Dance for Parkinson’s in Davis: Closing Circle Photo credit: Ruth Rosenberg
Dance for Parkinson’s in Davis: Closing Circle
Photo credit: Ruth Rosenberg

By Robin Carlson, PTDT Board of Directors

This winter and spring, the Davis and Sacramento Dance for Parkinson’s classes will be participating in a project initiated by the Dance for PD® program sponsored by the Mark Morris Dance Group and the Brooklyn Parkinson Group.

As Dance for PD ® describes the project:

“Through The Bourrée Project, Dance for Parkinson’s teachers and participants around the world will be able to access, rehearse and share movement from one of Mark Morris’ most distinctive works, a dance called Falling Down Stairs. Falling Down Stairs was created as part of the Inspired by Bach series that cellist Yo-Yo Ma made for Sony Classical. The series features Ma performing the six Suites for Unaccompanied Cello by Johann Sebastian Bach in collaboration with artists from different disciplines through a set of six films. Mark Morris chose Bach’s 3rd Suite, and created a 21-minute dance for 14 dancers. The piece, originally created for film and shot at Jacob’s Pillow, was adapted for the stage in 1997, and is in the Mark Morris Dance Group’s active repertory. The Bourrée Project focuses on the first part of the Suite’s fifth movement, the Bourrée.”

Join us as we explore this fun and absorbing choreography during our winter session. We will also play with the idea of the bourrée in music and dance, and how it has changed over time, from a French folk dance to a ballet step, and from classical music to various interpretations in popular music.

See you in class!

About Dance for Parkinson’s in Davis & Sacramento:

The Dance for Parkinson’s program is affiliated with the Mark Morris Dance Group and offered through the auspices of the Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts at UC Davis in partnership with the Pamela Trokanski Dance Theatre. Classes are offered in Davis and Sacramento. For more information about how you can help support dance classes for people, please contact Ruth Rosenberg at the Mondavi Center, or (530) 752-6113.

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