Survey: PTDT Lifts Up Lives


PTDT will participate in the Big Day of Giving on May 3rd, 2016, for our second time!  Last year was a huge success for us and we hope this year you can help us make it even better.

This year for the Big Day of Giving, Pamela Trokanski Dance Theatre will focus our message around the slogan “Lift Up Lives”.  Our work in both Yolo County and the Davis community includes programs that take dance from the stage to the street and the studio to the classroom, and involves everyone from elementary school children to adults 65 and older.   Tell us how PTDT helps lift up your life!

Take the survey:

Here’s the fine print: The results of this survey will be used in messaging and imagery for our Big Day of Giving Campaign and grant applications to expand our community programs.  By submitting your answers, you agree for PTDT to use your response and your name (as entered) in promotional material and applications.

Examples of the 2015 Campaign incorporating survey results:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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