We deal in experiences.


By Michele Tobias, Dancer & Board of Directors

Many non-profits can show you their product: art students produced 100 paintings;  a soup kitchen made 500 meals; 300 animals were rescued.  We can’t.  We deal in experiences.  Dance is by nature ephemeral.  You can’t capture it.  You experience it and it’s gone, whether you are the dancer or the viewer.

PTDT is unique among dance companies.  We bring the experience of dance to everyone.  Yes, EVERYONE.  Our Apprentice Company allows young dancers to experience what it’s like to dance in a professional company along side dancers who have trained for decades.  Third Stage incorporates “non-traditional” dancers into complicated choreography.  People with Parkinson’s Disease find strength, renewed coordination, and a community in our Dance for Parkinson’s classes which are produced in conjunction with UC Davis’ Mondavi Center for Performing arts and Mark Morris Dance Company.  People 65 and older dance (yes, dance) in Second Wind classes where movement helps keep both the body and mind healthy.  Dance in Public Places brings dance to the streets in spontaneous performances.  KORE uses movement to teach elementary school curriculum in reading and writing.  Audience members laugh, then cry, then get chills watching PTDT perform dance in concert.

These are experiences and they can’t be counted, tallied up, and put in a spread sheet.  In just about one month, we’ll be asking for your help in raising funds to continue this very important work of creating experiences.  On May 3rd, the Sacramento region will come together to experience the generosity of our region on the Big Day of Giving.  On that day, please make a donation online to support our work.  We set our goal high – $15,000 – because we know you’ll help us reach it and every penny will go back to creating experiences for everyone.  Yes, EVERYONE.

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