Video: Preview Secondary Shelf Life

Secondary Shelf Life is a fast food term for the amount of time a product can be held after it is taken from freezer or refrigerator and before it is used. In this spring’s concert, the PTDT explores how that term applies to both individuals and cultures.

What can you expect at this show?  This show follows the format familiar to long-time PTDT fans – choreography set to both music and spoken text.  You’ll find athleticism and grace mixed into a matrix of emotions.  Some music you’ll recognize, other pieces came from the depths of the dancers’ knowledge of less familiar but intriguing music and still others are the composition of PTDT’s favorite composer, Hank Lawson, of DZ Studios.

Tickets available at BrownPaperTickets, the Pamela Trokanski Dance Workshop, or at the Box Office 30 minutes before the show.  Secondary Shelf Life opens Sunday, April 24, 2016, at 3:00pm continues Friday, April 29, at 8:00pm and Saturday, April 30, at 8:00pm at the Studio Theater in the Pamela Trokanski Dance Workshop at 2720 Del Rio Place, Davis, CA.

Event Hashtag: #SecondaryShelfLife  See more rehearsal photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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