Movie in the Park: Star Wars The Force Awakens

This year marks the second year PTDT has partnered with the Davis Sunset Rotary Club to bring movie viewers pre-movie dancing entertainment before the start of the Movie in the Park.  Saturday, September 3rd, PTDT wowed audiences with a light saber dance to the Star Wars theme music before “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”.  The audience responded with wild cheering and loud applause, which was a welcome thank you for the hours spent in preparation.

Why do we do we bring dance outside of the theater to unsuspecting people?  One of the main missions of PTDT is arts education.  We believe that by bringing dance to people in a non-traditional setting, we let them experience an art form that they might not otherwise seek out.  Maybe they’ll like dance and want to see more!  Or maybe they’ll enjoy what they see and never seek out this kind of work again.  Either way, we hope that we’re at least bringing some unanticipated enjoyment into people’s lives and at best we hope we awaken a new found passion for dance as an art form either as a participant or as a member of the audience.

Want to see more dance in public places?  Join us at Davis’ Cental Park before the September 10th movie, “The Happiest Dinosaur”, for an exciting  fast-paced dino dance!  We’ll dance around 7:00pm.  Want to dance with us?  Stay tuned for more information about how you can learn the dance and join in!

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