International House’s International Festival 2016

Sunday, October 2nd, PTDT joined performers representing dance and music from around the world at the International House’s annual International Festival.  Apprentice Company performed Kiarra and Breathe Me from the upcoming Fall Concert “8 Seconds”, followed by an improv to a Lindsey Stirling piece with members of all three companies.  Before they performed, the MC explained that the first two pieces were choreographed so the steps were planned ahead of time, but the third piece would be improv so the dancers would make up the dance on the spot.  Several people stopped dancers after the performance to express disbelief that the third piece was improvised.  Watch and see what you think!

Performing at community gatherings like the International Festival is an important part of PTDT’s mission to educate people about and through dance.  You can help us continue to bring contemporary dance to audiences outside of the theater by making a tax-deductible donation.

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