Movies in the Park 2017: Rogue One


Saturday night PTDT, Apprentice Company, Third Stage, & members of the Davis community performed with the theme music from the Star Wars soundtrack before the show at the Sunset Rotary’s Club’s Movies in the Park! Dance in Public Places is one of our community outreach programs bringing dance to the the community outside the traditional theater and giving community members a chance to dance with the company.


Dancers heard members of the audience (particularly a small group of boys) say “Ooh! They have light sabers!” when the Leela and Michele flicked on their weapons before leaping across the grassy stage.  People were captivated as dancers alternated between sparring with each other and then turning and leaping.  This is why dancing in public is important for our community: we bring dance to people who might not have realized that they would enjoy watching dance.  The company was also joined by two community members who worked hard to learn the piece that the company keeps in repertory.

Would you like to dance in public with us?  Contact us for more information!

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