Board of Directors Profile: Taylor Watts

TaylorTaylor Watts shares what drew her to join the PTDT Board of Directors and her unique contributions to our one-of-a-kind organization.

Current Company:

California Department of Aging

Joined PTDT Board of Directors:

August 2017

Board Position:


How did you get connected with the Pamela Trokanski Dance Theatre? Why did you join PTDT’s board?

I first heard about the Pamela Trokanski Dance Theatre (PTDT) through community discussion of Pamela’s Life in 11Dimensions Project. I believe above all else that dance (both to practice and to see in concert) should be accessible for everyone and the mission of PTDT seemed to align perfectly! I joined the board because I’ve seen how people who consider themselves to be “non-dancers” or think they’re removed from the world of movement have been able to enjoy and participate in the many programs that the PTDT offers.

Which program that PTDT offers are you most excited or passionate about?

I was excited when I realized that PTDT had started the KORE program. The KORE program focuses on academic enrichment in reading and writing through dance and visual arts. In college, I explored how dance could be used to further explore topics taught in the “traditionally” academic though research on the intersection of history, identity, and art activism using dance as a tool for cross-cultural understanding. So, when I learned that Pamela had been combining academic learning and movement, I was excited to continue supporting that work in the community.

How do you use your specific skill set in your work as a PTDT board member?

I considered myself a “late starter” to the world of dance. I thought to be a “real” dancer that you needed to start at the age of three and live in a leotard and tights. However, I was lucky enough to have a dance teacher in college who was interested in allowing everyone, regardless of their technique level, contribute to the creation of movement in her class. After 4 years of working with that professor, and time spent working with the Community Engagement Department at Jacob’s Pillow, I hope that my everyone-can-dance attitude and experience with dance in the community will allow me to be an asset to PTDT’s Board.

What is your advice to people who want to become more involved?

Come see a show or participate in one of our community programs! Participating will allow you to better understand how unique PTDT is and the many different ways in which one could become involved.

What is your current favorite dance YouTube video?

See full list of PTDT Board of Directors here:

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