Breaking the Fourth Wall

  By Jan Fiore Breaking the Fourth Wall:  Five Ways the Davis Dance Project differs from a regular dance concert. First:  You won’t just be sitting in the dark trying to figure out the meaning of what’s happening on stage.  In the lecture/demonstration part of the program, you’re going to learn how choreography and movement […]

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Super Bowl Dances

Learn a quick dance you can use to cheer on your favorite team in this year’s big game!  The dance comes in two flavors: Broncos or Panthers.  Also, learn how you can design your own inexpensive costumes to coordinate with your team’s jerseys!  Most importantly, you’ll discover parallels between the athleticism, coordination, and teamwork needed […]

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Remember to Smile!

By Jan Fiore As the holidays arrive, life can get very busy, and multitasking can get out of control, which can take the fun out of the season.  However, there is one kind of multitasking that is easy and supports the PTDT at the same time! If you buy things on Amazon, you can easily […]

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